Free-form "inverse design" of magnetic structure

Breaker design

POLOPT Technologies offers tools for Simulation-Based Design (SBD) and services for more efficient development of electrical equipment using Boundary Element Method (BEM)-based simulation and state-of-the-art Free-Form Optimization (FFO).


The Free-Form Optimization technology presents unique shape optimization capabilities for Direct / Inverse / Hybrid design of:

  •  Electrically-driven apparatus (switchgerars, transformers, sensors),
  •  Magnetically-driven apparatus (actuators, transformers, sensors).


POLOPT Technologies’ tools incorporate complete design portfolio for Dielectric and Magnetic class of problems in a single environment providing the ability for:

  • Design analysis,
  • Design validation,
  • Design optimization,
  • Export of optimal geometry in a CAD consumable format,
  • Potential manufacturing of prototypes for physical testing.


POLOPT Technologies tools for both analysis and optimization are validated in real-world applications and are proven to be efficient, accurate and scalable for large, complex industrial products like:

  • HV/MV/LV products,
  • Sensors (electrostatically-driven, magnetically-driven,...),
  • MEMS.


POLOPT  Technologies offers some advanced Services:

  • You are producing electrical equipment and would like to support your production process with the most advance simulation-based design facilities: let us do it for you or  together with you…
  • You possess your own analysis tools and would like to complete your simulation environment with the high-end optimization capabilities: let us enable it for you…
  • You are planning to launch / extend your research activates through a new externally funded project / program. We would be glad to use our many years' experience and do it together with you…