POLOPT technologies is offering the service / consulting / joint research:



  • You possess the BEM solver for analysis of Electric, Magnetic, Thermal, Acoustic, Structural… problems…
  • You would like to run the optimization tasks you have by your own…
  • You are interested in combining your own simulation tools with one or more POLOPT Technologies’ products? 

Let us help you! Add as a plug-in our module for Inverse (Direct/Hybrid) Optimization to your existing solution environment!


You would like us to help you analyze / validate / optimize you existing / future products? We have a many years' experience in dealing with real-world industrial products like:
- Power HV/MV/LV apparatus,
- Sensors,



You are interested in a joint research project? Members of our staff have coordinated in the past several multi-national multi-disciplinary projects (NSF, FP5, FP7).


Please, contact us for  more info…