POLOPT/ Tesla: Module for Magnetostatic Analysis


Permeability changes for IDC = 0-1000A

POLOPT/Tesla module in POLOPT family enables simulation of the complete class of problems appearing in the electromagnetic design of industrial apparatus.  The wizard-driven menus used in CAD-integrated environment provides easy and user-friendly:

  • Analysis of Magnetostatic class of problems, linear case
  • Analysis of Magnetostatic class of problems, nonlinear case

POLOPT/Tesla module is featured with powerful tools for the modeling of excitation sources. It offers three types of the excitation modeling:

  • ConLib library of conductor primitives enables mesh-less, error-less creation of the conductor systems
  • NumCond approach, i.e. numerical treatment of the current-carrying conductors of arbitrary forma
  • PerMag library, i.e. library of the permanent magnet primitives

Case studies

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