Case Study 3: Team Problem No. 25


This is a TEAM benchmark problem No. 25 used mainly for the benchmarking of the codes dealing with 2D parametric optimization [1]. Here we use the same model as a 3D problem adding the extrusion in y-direction of 200 mm. The objective is to obtain the homogeneous radial field distribution within the cavity. One of the die molds is kept fix (inner cylinder) and the other one is in our approach subjected to the free-optimization process in order to get the radial field distribution in the cavity. Applying module for free-form optimization we have after 24 iterations obtained the optimal form of the magnetic poles.

1. N. Takahashi, M. Natsumeda, M. Otoshi and K. Muramatsu: “Examination of optimal design method using die press model (problem 25)”, COMPEL 17 5/6, 1982


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