POLOPT/ Optim: Module for Free-Form Optimization

Inverse Design / Optimization

Solving the "inverse problem" was (and still is!) recognized as a crucial grand challenge problem in the scientific community world-wide. POLOPT Technologies is proud to announce to our knowledge the very first tool for the optimization of the real-world engineering tasks based on the own developed methodologies for inverse design problems. Using as the input the wanted / prescribed / measured information it enables in the very efficient manner the achievement of the objective functions / targets accompanied by the new, sometimes completely unexpected forms or the structures under consideration.

Typical applications:

Inverse design of the magnetic shimming structures.
  • Magnetic design of electrical apparatus (breakers, transformers, actuators, sensors, …
    - Increase operational performances (sensor optimization),
    - More compact and secure design (all kind of electrical equipment.
  • Dielectric design of electrical apparatus (breakers, transformers, sensors, …
    - Provide breakdown-free design,
    - Provide secure design when increasing operational voltage,
    - Provide most compact breakdown-free design.


Case studies:

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