POLOPT/ Optim: Module for Free-Form Optimization

Free-from optimization of the shielding electrodes

Free-form optimization of the shielding electrodes.
Dielectric criteria are on-line checked during the optimization
process through the post-processing evaluation of the field lines
in order to fulfil the required BIL standard.

Direct Optimization


Case study 1 : Optimization of the shielding electrodes in GCB

  • Automatic creation of the shielding electrodes is achieved
  • The distance between the contacts being on opposite voltage is reduced for 72%
  • On-line control of dielectric criteria guaranties that the breakdown can't appear for the optimal forms
  • The final optimal shape is transferred back to CAD to enable easy manufacturing.
  • The experimental validation of the new optimal configuration is done in HV lab.
  • The experimental validation has entirely confirmed the simulation / optimization output.