POLOPT/ Laplace: Module for Electrostatic Analysis

POLOPT/Laplace is a BEM solver for Electrostatic problems highly validated at a numerous real-world engineering problems.
It is particularly suited for the dielectric design of electrical equipment and is especially featured  by:

  • Incorporation of Streamer design criteria (BIL),
  • Extensibility for additional design criteria if needed,
  • Proven on real world  devices, 
  • Integration in POLOPT suite offering synergy and Simulation-Based Design (SBD) for Dielectric problems
    - Integration with CAD
    - Integration with POLOPT/Optim
    - Integration with POLOPT/SBD.

Laplace module within POLOPT family enables simulation of  the complete class of problems appearing in the dielectric design of industrial apparatus. The wizard-driven menus used either in the CAD-integrated environment provides easy and user-friendly modeling of full-complexity problems including the following options:

  • Charge density, field and potential distribution,
  • Floating potential analysis,
  • Distributed potential analysis,
  • Field lines  tracing,
  • Space visualization,
  • Unknown charge analysis.

Case studies

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